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Answered: The Link you Followed has Expired – WordPress

The Link you Followed has Expired WordPress – WordPress is a simple and more user-friendly platform, This is the reason WordPress is so popular among webmasters. If you have any problems with WordPress, too many software and websites are available to resolve that also you will have all the additional help from your host provider. Since WordPress is a great platform, many changes come every day, so there are many serious problems that can not be resolved even by web developers. Last day, I installed WordPress on my website, Then I successfully installed the theme I bought but unfortunately, I got an error when installing it “The link you followed has expired. Please try again.”

The Link you Followed has Expired WordPress Upload

How to solve “The link you followed has expired” warning on WordPress

I tried to install several times in different ways but every time I got this same error. After searching on the Internet I found out what actually happened I understood that this error was caused by misconfiguration of the PHP settings in the web host. If this problem occurs while installing a new theme on your blog, this post will help you a lot.

This problem is so difficult to fix because this new issue and the popular websites and web forums do not provide more details on this. As a result, I searched for more information and finally found the solution.

When the changes were made to Host settings, I have been able to solve this problem completely. In almost all hosts, the maximum upload size is 2MB therefore, there will be an error when uploading a file larger than 2mb, so when we see this unexpected error we will be confused, Let’s see how to solve this easily.

There are two ways to fix this problem. You can change the PHP settings in the cpanel or modify the php.ini file. The following steps and the required picture are given below, follow each step exactly as given.

1. Log in to your Cpanel.

2. Select the PHP version (In Software menu).

3. Click on it. Now the PHP Selector page will open In the PHP version, you can see that the current version is selected, most likely it will be 5.6 (native) PHP version.

4. Then change the 5.6 to 7.1 or 7.2

Now advanced options will show up.

5. Click on Switch to PHP Options link in the top-right corner also again select 7.1 or 7.2 PHP version. Now make the changes as below

upload_max_filesize = 64M

post_max_size = 64M

max_execution_time = 300 6

After making this changes click on Set as current. Now check the current PHP version and make sure that the changes are made all right.

          Now install the theme and see the change. The earlier problem will be completely solved. Now you can install any theme successfully without getting the error The link you followed has expired.

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