35-year-old come depart at fim of month once contract expiresRamos to hold goodbye press conference ~ above Thursday


Sergio galhos is leaving real Madrid following naquela 16-year spell at the clube in i beg your pardon he won five liga titles and four european Cups. Photograph: Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP/Getty Images
Sergio galhos is leaving problema Madrid following naquela 16-year spell in ~ the sociedade in i m sorry he winner five liga titles e four europe Cups. Photograph: Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP/Getty Images

After 16 seasons, 671 games, 101 goals, five league titles e four europe Cups, Sergio filial is leaving atuações Madrid. The club’s captain will say his duram goodbye on Thursday, 13 mim before his contract formally operation out.

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Unable to reach an agreement with the club president, Florentino Pérez, to continue, ramos becomes a free agente on uma July. Although the is 35, the has no decorrer intention that retiring e the centre-back’s último destination is still not finalised, com reports linking him to der catalogue the clubs including paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City and Sevilla.

Although the notícia came together no real surprise after month in which negotiation over der new deal had come to a halt and, com Ramos’s relationship com Pérez a difficult one todos too often played o fim in a press, Madrid’s announcement on Wednesday night still had naquela huge impact.

In may 2019, ramos had claimed that that “would play para Madrid ao free” but he had actually wanted a new two-year transaction on ns same €15m salary, minus a 10% reduction applied across ns squad because of a coronavirus crisis. Habilidade would offer only a single year, and recently signed david Alaba on a free transfer a partir de Bayern Munich. Uma last round of talks between Ramos e Pérez this semana failed come break ns deadlock, if certainly there was ever rally any kind of intention of law so.

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Only Paco Gento has more winners’ medals with the sociedade than Ramos, quem joined Madrid from Sevilla for €27m in 2005, aged 19. He era the o primeiro dia Spanish signing do by Pérez, walk on to win 22 trophies with the club, too as a World Cup and two europe Championships with Spain. Naquela hugely charismatic figure, his most far-ranging moment ser estar the marcado he score in the 2014 champion League último against athletic Madrid with the clock on 92.48. That header rescued his side, take it the game to sub time e allowed real to secure their long‑awaited 10th europe Cup.

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