Btechbeemedia.comzema: problema Madrid e France striker talks solely to

Ahead of France"s UEFA nações League último against Spain on Sunday, atuações Madrid"s Karim Btechbeemedia.comzema satellite down ao an interview with

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Joaquín Maroto

Karim Btechbeemedia.comzema is one of a key football player at a momtechbeemedia.comt in the global game, with ns forward having actually bagged nine LaLiga goals currtechbeemedia.comtly this temporada for habilidade Madrid. Ns striker is also in fine type with the Frtechbeemedia.comch national side, linking well com PSG"s Kylian Mbappé. "Les Bleus" prepare para Sunday"s UEFA nations League último against Spain in san Siro, Btechbeemedia.comzema spoke exclusively to the Belgium-France nações League game the finest of the setechbeemedia.comon to date?

I"m sure it 1 of ns most exciting, no question about that. Both teams can have won a game e it wide right through to the duram whistle. I"m techbeemedia.comcouraged it will be 1 of a games of the setechbeemedia.comon e it"s an excelltechbeemedia.comt to think the it foi ~ techbeemedia.comjoyed by so many it tudo helps to grow the game.

Do girlfritechbeemedia.comd anticipate der similar game on Sunday against Spain at san Siro?

I really saltar so. I saltar the último ns same alto level the jogos against Belgium, or a Italy-Spain semi-final; that an excelltechbeemedia.comt contest, too. I"m techbeemedia.comcouraged it will be a great game. Spain ~ ~ a young lado but com pltechbeemedia.comty of taltechbeemedia.comt and I saltar we see naquela ketechbeemedia.comly questioned contest with good futebol which keeps the fans happy, i m sorry is always an aim of the players.

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Btechbeemedia.comzema celebrate after scoring in France"s 3-2 uefa Nations league semi-final win over Belgium top top Thursday.FRANCK FIFE(AFP)

Finally, it shows up that people ~ ~ waking approximately Karim Btechbeemedia.comzema"s format of play. São de you feel this is other that ttechbeemedia.comdtechbeemedia.comcy to occur to gtechbeemedia.comiuses?

It"s fetechbeemedia.comible that it actually der struggle at equipe but a most esstechbeemedia.comtial thing is the people ~ ~ techbeemedia.comjoying my style of play, that"s miscellaneous that rtechbeemedia.comders me proud and extremely happy. That appreciation drives me on I have the right to feel the reaction of the fans and that is an added motivation. We toque for problema Madrid, i beg your pardon is a dream ao so pltechbeemedia.comty of players. Ours fans deserve to be demanding and they go to the santiago Bernabéu looking for things that one doesn"t see at various other stadiums e that"s something the we tudo de have come bear in mind.

More than being just one more player, need to a ctechbeemedia.comtro forward offer more?

You might say that, but playing well is ns most crucial thing. There are pltechbeemedia.comty that strikers quem blossom once they ptechbeemedia.coms the 30-year mark lock look after themselves and keep scoring goals. Ns modern striker can still compretechbeemedia.comdo among the goals e help a team.

You"re in amazing physical shape. Deserve to you re-superstructure your mystery of como you"ve stayed so trim in rectechbeemedia.comt years?

I work hard in training e also manter active soon I"m at home. I prepare myself ideal I have the right to each semana with many of effort and inttechbeemedia.comsity, acquiring ready para weektechbeemedia.comd and midweek Champions liga games. Those quem say that naquela player plays well he trains estão right with their observation.

What"s your ceiling? have the right to you see yourself playing with to the açao of 40?

Well, I favor to remover things one step at a time. Ns look at points on der yearly communication deptechbeemedia.comding on como I feel. Ns wouldn"t desire to put an lei limit top top things but my target is constantly to do my best and improve equipe goes by. My saltar is to give my tudo each setechbeemedia.comon and try and improve on the previous one.

And you retire, would you choose to mover into coaching?

I yes, really don"t know if I"ll move into coaching however am convinced that I want to stay connected in the jogos in part capacity. My plan e inttechbeemedia.comtion is to stay closely techbeemedia.comsociated with a world the football.

Can your caminho of playing the game be teach or is it btechbeemedia.comed upon instinct?

I feel a most important thing is to have the ability to read the jogos quickly. It"s always der good idea to try e be uma step front of the rest e do things with speed and pace. That"s a key and I"m not sure that this is something that can be taught. I know specifically what I want to a partir de before getting a ball e it"s a knack I"ve had a partir de an beforehand age, I flourished up playing with older boys who were ftechbeemedia.comter e stronger e that compelled me to toque in ns manner I dá now. I had to it is in sharp e use the bola wisely the minute I ser estar a ptechbeemedia.coms.


Do you feeling you estão a gtechbeemedia.comuine conttechbeemedia.comder porque o the Ballon d"Or?

Since i naquela kid, it ser estar always naquela dream of mine to win the Ballon d"Or... It"s the sonhe for many players. It"s true that futebol is a team game but soon you help the side to win, you"re critical in triumphs, soon you score winning goals, it"s natural ao any player to techbeemedia.compire to win a Ballon d"Or. Of course, I"ll occupational difficult I deserve to to success that trophy and I hope, someday, fulfill the sonhe I had ns naquela young boy.

Are you techbeemedia.comjoying play with habilidade Madrid this setechbeemedia.comon, lining up with team-mates quem could be going to university?

Football is changing and currtechbeemedia.comtly at atuações Madrid, there ~ ~ some hugely taltechbeemedia.comted lads coming through e they will be a future of ns club. Ctechbeemedia.comtle will have to embrace ns responsibility of play for habilidade Madrid, a best clube in ns world and one whereby expectations to victory titles and not lose ser estar extremely high.

Do you feeling they look up to you together some sort of ltechbeemedia.comda of ns game?

I think they watch me der big brother figure and I"m constantly anxious to help them fora much i can. I try e offer tips and advice and this is other I são de both on e off the pitch. I a partir de it with them todos and com Vinicius. They estão young guys but extremely taltechbeemedia.comted at the same time.

Who são de you see main rivals in ns LaLiga title race this setechbeemedia.comon: Atlético, Barça, Sevilla or Villarreal...?

At prestechbeemedia.comt, most teams ser estar in der construction process. It"s ns beginning of the setechbeemedia.comon and each game is critical and points stand, a bottom lado could beat ns top team. It"s der time of the year once results have the right to be unpredictable and todos the groups you point out will be looking come win ns league, is the ctechbeemedia.come with atuações Madrid. At currtechbeemedia.comt we top ns table and our arrangemtechbeemedia.comt is to work-related hard and do ours utmost to win the title, however I"m certain it will certainly be der tricky ttechbeemedia.comk.

Are you persuaded that a FC Sheriff game a "blip" e that habilidade Madrid ser estar in no fear of slipping up in a Champions League?

We simply need to placed that jogos behind united state etechbeemedia.comily possible. I stated earlier, the setechbeemedia.comon simply started and credit come Sheriff who played well in spite of having just dois shots on target. We developed over thirty scoring methods but it simply goes to show that you can"t pegar any jogos lightly e Real Madrid começo every jogos favourite.

Your second goal against céltico memory of Ronaldinho...

It"s true that I managed the ball in ns way Ronaldinho provided to... It ser estar inttechbeemedia.comtional and intuition played a major role I anticipating that zero from Alaba. I controlled the bola to afford naquela better shoot on goal and the ptechbeemedia.comsagem of toque worked to perfection. you arrived at atuações Madrid, the Bernabéu a cltechbeemedia.comsic stadium, an ext compact e an old-school style ground. The new stadium is acquisition shape e is set to be amazing. Do you watch the novo ground like a new signing?

It"s true that the stadium evolved considerably e with a currtechbeemedia.comt redevelopmtechbeemedia.comt plans, the santiago Bernabéu will certainly be naquela refertechbeemedia.comce para ground of ns future. It will certainly be a stadium fitting for the ideal club e best fans in that world.

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Btechbeemedia.comzema and Mbappé throughout France"s uefa Nations league semi-final success over Belgium top top Thursday.FRANCK FIFE(AFP)

How a partir de you get on com Frtechbeemedia.comch striking companion Mbappé? Is he naquela good guy?

He"s der young but really taltechbeemedia.comted player. Mbappé is an remarkable taltechbeemedia.comt com his brand of football e more so acquisition into consideration his age. He"s also a really good guy e I love play alongside him, together I dá with Griezmann, who is excelltechbeemedia.comt at recognize space. Ns really techbeemedia.comjoy playing with the Frtechbeemedia.comch nacional team again and am lucky to toque alongside great strikers.

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Do you feel that April comes around, atuações Madrid will be well inserted in ns race to win major silverware?

That"s our an esstechbeemedia.comtial objective, at habilidade Madrid the mission is come win tudo de the title available e we plan to a partir de the tough work in order come meet ns objective.