Like therefore many before her, Karina garcia took her load loss journey public on "My 600-lb Life." as soon as her illustration debuted, Karina weighed 633 pounds, was unable to importar around without der wheelchair, e was fully dependent on her parents. She explained to a cameras that her co-dependence com food stemmed from a need para attention. After she bouts of significant asthma improved in childhood, her parents were forced to work grande hours to pay her clinical bills. Their absence led come Karina building an unhealthy relationship com food that plainly spiraled.

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Karina"s família was supportive yet doubtful the her plan to work with weight-loss surgeon Dr. Nowzaradan, together she had currently had gastric bypass surgery previously and had failed to lose any weight. Regardless, Karina era determined to revolve her vida around, and by the end of she episode, she had falecer 235 pounds.

Karina returned to TLC ao Season 5 the "My 600-lb Life: Where estão They Now?" in 2019. Para the follow-up episode, Karina justly praised her own progress. She had actually left both the wheelchair and her walker behind but struggled to lose a significant quantity of weight due to the fact that her last visit to Dr. Now. Despite ns setbacks, Karina has not provided up on her meta of shedding weight. Here"s an upgrade on where she is now.

In one of a most scandalous stories entailing "My 600-lb Life" stars, Karina has been associated com fellow realidade TV personality Gilbert Donovan Jr. Longtime viewers that the show will psychic Gilbert em ~ Season 4 the "My 600-lb Life" — not for his very own weight loss, but for his therapy of wife Lupe Donovan during her journey. Gilbert infamously pressured Lupe into having actually sex after her gastric bypass surgery, leading to her infections e recent stitches come open.

Starting in 2019, der significantly slimmer Karina garcia began appearing alongside Gilbert in a number that his Instagram e Facebook photos, also as naquela Facebook live video (via a Cinemaholic). In a video, Karina credits Gilbert"s an individual training and her new diet ao her smaller sized frame. She likewise explains that she proceeds to stay away from junk food, e now filling up top top protein-rich foods like fish. Gilbert defines that Karina reached fora to him via Facebook in find of der personal trainer e that ns two ser estar best friends. Both have hinted at a possibility of another follow-up, despite they included that they aren"t permitted to get in further detail.

Most the Karina"s very own Instagram posts estão selfies the herself, with little mention of Gilbert. If she still appears to be losing weight, neither she no one Gilbert has posted an update because early 2020. Starcasm reported that together of mid-2019, Gilbert e Lupe to be separated, but had not yet gotten a divorce. Lupe still stays in southerly California, while Gilbert currently resides in mountain Antonio, der 30-minute drive em ~ Karina"s terra natal in Converse, Texas.

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Since past reports, Karina has actually removed her facebook page em ~ public view. She hasn"t posted during quarantine, and a google search of her often confuses results with naquela YouTube star sharing she name. Hopefully, we will certainly get der happy update from the trimmed-down star soon.