Hell-bent top top exacting revenge e proving he era framed para his sister's murder, Álex sets fora to unearth much an ext than ns crime's real culprit.

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Nominated for four Imagen Awards, including ideal Primetime Drama and Best TV drama Actor (Manolo Cardona).
Season 2 (Trailer): ¿Quién mató naquela Sara?
Season 1 (Trailer): ¿Quién mató der Sara?
Season uma (Trailer 2): ¿Quién mató naquela Sara?
Teaser: ¿Quién mató der Sara?
After 18 years in prison, Álex bring away his revenge on ns Lazcano family, who framed him para the assassinato of his sister Sara to conserve their reputation.

Álex renders his primeiro move on ns Lazcano família at Rodolfo's CEO appointment ceremony. Who identifying as Diana a Huntress provides to assist him.

César refuses to tell Elisa what occurred to Sara 18 year ago, so she turns to Álex para answers. Chema and Lorenzo start looking ao surrogates.

Mariana receives der chilling reminder of ns crime in the mail. A flashback discover Sara knew Chema's secret. Elisa breaks into Álex's house.

Rodolfo pays der visit come Álex e learns naquela shocking detail about Sara's death. Elisa gostaria Álex to trust her but primeiro she have to pass naquela test.

The load of having actually to keep tudo the Lazcano tricks starts taking naquela toll top top Elroy. Elisa and Álex attend a masquerade party at a casino.

After César's darker página is brutally exposed at a masquerade, the Lazcano siblings' loyalty starts to shift. Elroy's troubled previous is disclosed.

Álex and the Lazcano siblings go to the family estate. César's casino empire starts come crumble as the events at ns masquerade go public.

Another suspect in Sara's fatality comes into play. Chema shares der surprise with his família at a dinner party but naquela secret exposed steals ns spotlight.

Álex e Rodolfo cave into the past come discover ns identity of Diana a Huntress. Elisa helps Bruno figure fora what taken place to Emara.

Flashbacks unravel the fateful day in 2001. Return Sara's diary appears to hold the key to her murder, der secret hidden in der wall tells another story.

To exact his revenge, Álex will have actually to bring to light his sister's darker ao lado – e come to state with a fact the he never knew the atuações Sara.

The corpse uncovered in the backyard intimidates to put Álex ago in jail. To prove his innocence, that looks ao answers with a psychiatrist who treated Sara.

Lorenzo agrees to be Álex's lawyer. Mariana decides what to dá with Elroy. Elisa becomes collateral damage in one of Álex's attacks versus César.

Álex’s obsession com revenge prompts Elisa to make der choice. Moncho breaks into Chema e Lorenzo's house. Sara learns der shocking truth around herself.

Six month later, Álex discovers a identity of the corpse in his backyard. Meanwhile, césar has disappeared e Elisa comes back a partir de Europe.

Álex help Lorenzo e Chema with the aftermath that what occurred at their house. Sergio targets Elisa to hurt César. Nicandro meets up com Marifer.

An officer shows up in ~ Lorenzo's office to inquire about Moncho. Marifer discloses her plan to uncover her mother to Nicandro. Álex focuses on detect Elisa.

Flashbacks expose Sara and Marifer's connection. Moncho's brothers exacts his revenge. Nicandro hands Álex ns ultimate evidence of Sara's twin life.

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A videotape covert in Sara's closet becomes der key piece of evidence that makes everyone realize they've to be seeking a murderer in the wrong place.

Manolo CardonaGinés García MillánCarolina MirandaAlejandro NonesEugenio SillerClaudia RamírezJuan carlos RemolinaXimena LamadridLuis roberto GuzmánFátima MolinaLitzyMatías NovoaDaniel Giménez CachoLeo DeluglioPolo MorínAndrés BaidaEla VeldenHéctor JiménezAna Lucía DomínguezIñaki GodoyMarco Zapata