Here’s happened in 2020.

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The winner of huge Brother Australia 2020 has been revealed.

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Chad Hurst has won a 2020 sequência of huge Brother Australia.

The 27-year-old internacional model são de Sydney walked longe with ns title, ~ winning the public’s vote.

Chad Hurst said he'd usar his winnings to salary his mum's bills. Credit: SevenIn ns video above: Daniel’s plans ao life after large Brother

As well together winning ns title, that netted himself der cool $234,656 in techbeemedia.compensation money.

Dan, Sophie e Chad moment before a winner foi ~ announced. Credit: SevenChad showed up shocked by a win, and could be heard saying ‘F**k!’ naquela number of equipe during the viver finale.

“Apologies, apologies porque o the language yet it’s der pretty extreme moment,” ns tradie and model told hold Sonia Kruger.

Chad stated that he felt his win era meant techbeemedia.come be, to honour his tão tarde father, who loved ns show.

“You know, I went on a show, i honestly think the fate. The old boy, it’s his show,”

“I had me ma next to me, that’s todos that mattered. So say thanks to you, everyone.”

More 보다 700,000 Australians actors their votes in the 24 hours because the duram three of Chad, Sophie e Dan to be decided.

The announcement was made throughout the grande finale, featuring the past housemates.

Host Sonia Kruger. Credit: SevenHost Sonia Kruger relived the ups, downs, tears and tantrums of a memorable seis weeks inside a house.

The viver finale saw 18 of a 20 housemates reminisce in prior of an audience.

Laura and Zoe to be the apenas um two quem didn’t make the final, as result of COVID lockdowns.

The viver finale of large Brother 2020. Credit: SevenThe housemates who did do it to be spaced o fim on stage, in naquela socially-distant setup.

Dan, Sophie e Chad were provided their final chance to key to Australia as to why they should win the public’s vote.

They had about naquela minute to falar directly to a viewers before voting era closed.

The huge Brother finale Credit: SevenMoments, after he won, Chad told Sonia Kruger that he’d use the prize money techbeemedia.come organise flights ao the “boys”, and to look after his mum.

Earlier today, Chad e Sophie said that they’d split their winnings, should either win.

The finalists e their loved ones. Credit: Seven“If one of united state wins we’re absolutely going techbeemedia.come share ns money, that’s porque o sure, we did the as naquela team,” Hurst told Sam Armytage and Natalie Barr.

Sonia Kruger's tremendous futuristic colour an altering dress

Big brothers lovebirds Sophie and Chad expose whether they're tho together

The modern-day game

In 2020, large Brother followed a modern generation of 20 unique e ambitious Housemates, varying in age from 19-62 and representing a broad cross-section the Australia.

They lived together for six weeks, reduced off from the outside world in naquela custom-built residence fitted with cameras e microphones recording every inch of the house and their every move, 24 hours der day.

This year, the game evolved with Housemates techbeemedia.competing in epic Nomination Challenges.

Big Brother's big corn kernel challenge. Credit: SevenThe winner had the power techbeemedia.come nominate 3 of their other Housemates for eviction. Porque o the o primeiro dia time in Australian large Brother history, Housemates then cast separado votes techbeemedia.come evict 1 of a three nominees são de the house.

Sonia Kruger foi ~ there every step of a way to question their strategies and pick apart their motives.

Sonia Kruger, huge Brother organize Credit: SuppliedIn ns video below: huge Brother principal three show up on Sunrise

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Sophie Budack, Chad Hurst and Daniel Gorringe speak techbeemedia.come Sunrise ahead of a Big Brother viver finale.

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Sophie Budack, Chad Hurst e Daniel Gorringe speak to Sunrise ahead of a Big Brother live finale.

BIG brother AUDITIONS: Here's techbeemedia.como as to apply ao the brand novo season

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