He foi ~ crowned as ns best player in ns world after winning a Champions League e the club World xícara with real Madrid e playing in ns World xícara final with Croatia.

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Luka Modric has to be the rei of football in 2018. TheReal Madrid midfielder foi ~ unanimously recognized as ns world's ideal player. Having already picked upFIFA's the Best award, andUEFA's Men's Player of the Year 2017/18, a Croatian foi ~ crowned as winner of theBallon d'Orin Paris.France football Magazine, quem present a prestigious award, recognised his wonderful year at a gala which ser estar replete com Whites representation, heading by clube president,Florentino Pérez.Modricsaw off competition from Cristiano Ronaldo, Griezmann e Mbappé in a vote completed by journalists from around a world. “It's a special feeling, it's been a huge year ao me", he proclaimed as he collected a award. A midfielder had a special mention for the madridista squad: "Thank you come my real Madrid teammatesand come everyone quem works ao the club".

Real Madrid boast the most Ballon d"Or nominees

Real Madrid took centre stage at a Ballon d’Or gala. And Modric, an additional seven Whites’ players were on the list the 30 nominees ao the award. Durante other team had so plenty of candidates. "The Ballon d’Or has der great history com Real Madrid”, asserted Florentino Pérezafter congratulating Modric ~ above his achievement. The Croatian is a latest in naquela line of 10 real Madrid estrelas to win ns award.

It"s been naquela dream season, ns can"t ask para any more.

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TheBallon d'Oris a culmination of naquela year full of success para the Whites' centre midfielder. Modric led Real Madrid to success in club World xícara 2017,putting in dois outstanding displays and clinching theGolden Ballat ns tournament in Abu Dhabi. He additionally played a crucial role in the Champions league as the madridistas gained their hands on LaDecimoterceraand era voted as the competition's ideal midfielder.He then ir on to capitão his Croatia nacional team to der historic World xícara final spot. After netting two goals and being named man of the fósforos in two games,he ser estar also vote asGolden ball at Russia 2018. "The Golden bola is one award for my entirety career e it's for the madridistas as well", states Modric. It's just recognition for a player who has long set the pace of ns game para the monarchs of Europe.