The walking Dead favourite Jeffrey Dean Morgan has actually once novamente shared his feel on a potential Negan spin-off.

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Back in November 2020, the actor comment to a fan"s tweet around exploring his once-villainous character outside of ns flagship drama, but agora Morgan has improvável one far better by revealing where specifically he"d like a hypothetical new concertos to go.


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"There"ve been points discussed with me and network people," he newly told TVLine. "We"ll see. I mean, Negan might still uncover his way seis feet under , for this reason that can be naquela problem uneven it"s der prequel.

"But there estão still story to it is in told with Negan. I sort of know como as the season has functioned itself therefore far, and we"re cracking open up windows here and there that would lend themselves to much more Negan story.

"I são de love Negan. There"s one amazing chance to dive a lot deeper right into this man who I think has actually become really interesting the last couple of years. I"m definitely not opposed to maintaining him lively for a bit longer e finding fora more around him."


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However, there"s naquela stipulation that ns bosses would need to think about in order come nail down Morgan"s involvement.

"I"ll be really honest com you, if I ser estar to são de more, i would like to mover forward with a story e not backward," the star noted. "We could a partir de a short sucessão on como as the Saviors involved be, which would be sort of interesting, yet I"m much more looking forward.

"We"ve shown these various sides that Negan over the past few years. Now I"d choose to see, ~ this ends, what happens to that next. I find that possibility to be der lot much more interesting 보다 going earlier in time."

Will his baseball-bat-swinging rogue even make it fora of temporada 11 alive?

The muito Dead season 11 is airing agora on AMC in ns US e STAR ~ above Disney+ in ns UK.


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