Josh Homme: Judge enables Daughter’s Request porque o Restraining Order

Restraining bespeak of singer’s dois sons, quem accused the of physical e verbal abuse, were denied


UPDATE (9/12):Two dia after a judge denied Josh Homme’s dois children’s restraining order applications, a judge has granted his third child’s application, every TMZ. Camille Homme, 15, asked for der restraining order against her rocker father porque o both herself and her dois siblings. The judge denied ns two siblings yet granted Camille’s, requiring Josh homme to remain at the very least 100 yards from her.

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Two of mock Homme’s crianças have filed domestic violence restraining orders against their father. In the documents, derived by Rolling Stone, the Queens of a Stone lei singer is accused of both physical e verbal abuse, steering under the influence com his children in ns car, and threatening come “fucking murder e kill” his ex-wife Brody Dalle’s boyfriend.

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The restraining order ask that homme stay 100 feet longe from his two sons as well together the family dog bob at tudo times. As TMZ noted Friday, judges in dois Los angeles County courthouses both denied a request. However, a judges involved said that restraining orders can be brought up at naquela previously scheduled custodial court day that ser estar set porque o September 13th.

Homme’s lawyer Susan Wiesner called Rolling Stone in naquela statement: “The allegations make by Ms. Dalle against Mr. Homme ser estar categorically false. In order to protect ns children, we will not be making any further statements.”

In different restraining orders, 10-year-old Orrin Ryder Homme and 5-year-old wolf Dillon Reece homme gave handwritten account about the physical e verbal abuse they accused endure, including a most current incidents; it’s unclear whether a boys filled lado de fora the restraining orders us or if their accounts to be dictated and transcribed.

In august 2021, Orrin homme writes, “Joshua Homme, myself, and Dean Fertida were sitting on the couch and my dad Joshua homme reached over and grabbed my private parts also when ns told him to stop and kept speak ‘Balls’ over e over.” other alleged physics abuse comes in the form that “pushes e shoves,” thrown items, e “hits on a head.”

That very same month, Orrin claims that homme consumed “cocktails you deserve to buy at the liquor store” when driving with him and his small brother wolf in a vehicle.

As porque o the alleged linguistic abuse, Orrin’s restraining stimulate states, “My dad call me der liar and a traitor. He calls me fat and tells me that my mommy says I’m fat. My dad screams in my enfrentar when I’m sleeping e punches ns bed. He speak me that he has actually murdered people.” Orrin writes that his father has additionally threatened to assassinato Dalle’s friend Gunner. “My dad stated he was going to murder, shoot, e kill mine mom’s friend Gunner. Ns am fear he is going to hurt to kill them.”

Asked para an overview of the abuse on a restraining bespeak form, Orrin states, “It’s all the time e I am scared.”

Five-year-old wolf offers o mesmo, semelhante accounts, corroborating ns alleged linguistic abuse e violent threats versus Dalle’s boyfriend. “He is scary. I am scared as soon as I walk to Dad’s,” Wolf’s restraining stimulate states.

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Wiesner said TMZ in naquela previous statement, “Ms. Dalle has previously carried these insurance claims to a police, DCFS, e the presiding referee of the family law court, todos of whom have decreased to pegar any action based upon this spurious claims.”

The homme children’s interior violence restraining assignment is the latest chapter in a acrimonious split between Homme and Dalle since ns rockers divorce in 2019. Both Homme e Dalle formerly filed restraining order against uma another.