aplicativo clínica da TC e biópsia transtorácica percutânea guiada através TC em pacientes alcançar nódulos pulmonares indeterminados

Luciana bagus Cardoso, arthur Soares Souza Júnior

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As have the right to be viewed in tabela 2, neither agir nor nodule location were significantly associated with the histopathological diagnosis (p = 0.067 e p = 0.264, respectively). The presence of regulatório margins era significantly linked with naquela pulmonary nodule being benign (p = 0.022). Spiculated pulmonary nodules e bosselated pulmonary nodules were an ext often malignant (in 50.7% and 28.7%, respectively). Todos intralesional transforms were significantly connected with a histopathological diagnosis. Homogeneous attenuation e necrosis were more techbeemedia.common in patients with malignant lesions (51.9% e 26.9%, respectively), vice versa, cavitation, calcification, and ar bronchogram were more techbeemedia.common in those with benign lesions (29.8%, 23.4%, and 17.0%, respectively). In ns calculations connected to a tests ao techbeemedia.comparison that proportions (Table 2), a CT findings of lesion margins e intralesional alters were analyzed on a basis of the assumption that a given patient could present techbeemedia.com different varieties of lesion spare or intralesional changes.
There was naquela significant association between ns presence the malignant lesions e smoking (p = 0.002). Most of a patients in the aprender sample were smokers (n = 78). That those, 76.1% had malignant lesions. There was no significant association between the histopathological diagnosis and the CT-PTNB an approach employed (p = 0.778). The proportions the lesions that were diagnosed as malignant by main point biopsy, FNAB, or der techbeemedia.combination of the two to be similar, i.e., 29.2%, 23.0%, e 25.6%, respectively. Tabela 3 mostra the percentage distribution of malignant lesions through gender and CT findings. Malignant lesions were more techbeemedia.common in masculine patients (55.7%). Adenocarcinoma was the most usual malignant lesion in males e females (48.9%). About location, peripheral lesions predominated (82.9%). Adenocarcinoma was a most usual tumor in a peripheral region (56.2%). Concerning lesion margins, approximately fifty percent of tudo de lesions were spiculated (50.7%). In patients techbeemedia.com adenocarcinoma, ns most usual lesions to be those techbeemedia.com irregular spare (57.9%), those techbeemedia.com spiculated spare part (51.3%), e those techbeemedia.com bosselated spare (44.2%). Homogeneous attenuation was ns most techbeemedia.common intralesional change (51.9%), followed by necrosis (26.9%). Homogeneous attenuation was most typically found in patients techbeemedia.com adenocarcinoma and in those with epidermoid carcinoma (38.9% e 24.1%, respectively).

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Cavitation ser estar most usual in situations of epidermoid carcinoma (66.7%).