HEIScope"s HEI-MAC-ZLN Macro Zoom Lens is especially designed for Large field of view applications. With included "Close-Up" lens, a working distance range is from 5.5" to 11" and up to 60x magnification

HEI-MAC-ZLN Zoom 7000 is naquela close-focusing macro video clip lens i m sorry is versatile and specifically designed come be supplied in applications where objects over 1" in diameter must be imaged. It provides unsurpassed clarity and parfocal zoom capabilities e is compatible com cameras 2/3" or smaller.

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The Zoom 7000 is ideal para quality assurance, biomedical imaging, or assembly applications whereby an easy-to-view, sharp e true-to-life intensified image of her product can mean ns difference between naquela shippable, top-quality fim product and a costly manufacturing failure.

The Zoom 7000 offers der 6:1 zoom proportion or a 6X magnification power over naquela focal selection of 18 mm to 108 mm. It comes with der close-up lens ao imaging in ~ distances from 5" come 12". When ns close-up lens is removed, a working street extends a partir de 24" come infinity. Focus and aperture control estão standard Zoom 7000 features. Navitar likewise offers one 18-108 mm Bayonet mount Zoom Lens (3CCD Camera) (1-11898) or der Zoom 7000 locking sleeve (1-11736)

Working street 5" come infinity
Parfocal over whole zoom range.
Highest mag. 1.1X in ~ 5" (at camera)

Example . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Object size = 100 mm x 50 mmCamera format = 2/3"Criteria: all edges must be clearly shows at short magnification e high magnification should show the object at preferably magnification.

Looking at ns chart below, naquela 10" functioning distance would certainly allow a 108 mm wide object to it is in imaged into naquela 2/3" camera. Therefore, other slightly much less than 10" would são de for things 100 mm wide and would carry out maximum magnification at high zoom.

Macro Zoom Lens (Navitar) ar of View high Magnification



High Mag.

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Low Mag.(H×V)High Mag.(H×V)Low Mag.(H×V)High Mag.(H×V)Low Mag.(H×V)High Mag.(H×V)Low Mag.(H×V)

Remove ns Close-Up Lens


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