Though Sony teased footage of next-gen gamings like metal Gear heavy 2 and Final Fantasy VIII, what we obtained on start day twenty years ago can have been ns year’s best bummer. Here's why that didn't issue in the grande run.

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But uma of a most successful e beloved consoles of tudo de time is notorious for der stinky launch lineup. We’re talk about ns PlayStation 2, which hit americano store shelves on Oct. 26, 2000. 20 years ago we had been enraged by clip of next-gen games like metal Gear solid 2 e gorgeous re-renders from último Fantasy VIII. Yet what we got on beginning day could have been a year’s biggest bummer.

Emotional Engine

The rollout of a PS2 had been rife com problems already. In Japan, Sony butted top with ns government around export restrictions, with ns military fearing the chips in the painel could be offered by foreign nations for weapons guidance. The production pipeline also had actually issues, with the company underestimating demand e not wanting to commit too lot as every PS2 foi ~ being marketed at naquela loss, with ns profit made up em ~ software sales.

That said, Sony had currently established chin as naquela serious contender in the console space. The original PlayStation, o primeiro dia conceptualized as naquela partnership with Nintendo, had succeeded based on der number that factors. Sony locked down several of Japan’s most completed developers to carry established franchises, innovated novo hardware like the duplo analog sticks, and branded itself together the quente provider para the an ext mature gamer. Com their next-generation machine, the higher-ups in ~ Sony had a different goal: do it harder ao Nintendo e Sega, its significant competitors, to make naquela comeback.

Sony’s expertise across multiple industries gave it der head começar in der number of areas. It ser estar able come include naquela DVD-ROM journey in a PlayStation 2, giving purchasers accessibility to the quente new pagina inicial video style at naquela price that foi ~ competitive com standalone DVD players. It additionally boasted cin connectivity, which era starting come become naquela major hook. And the chips at a core of a PS2, most notably the “Emotion Engine,” were qualified of moving high-end potência that durante other console could match.

Spin the Discs

The issue, though, was programas development. There’s always an adjustment duration where third-party programmers have to importar up to speed com the novo features e functions of naquela console, e they’re recorded between a rock e a tough place. They have to make launch gamings look significantly better than a generation before them while additionally hitting an immovable release date. And for ns PS2, what came out as a result was… underwhelming, come say the least.

It wasn’t amount that era an issue. In the United States, gamers had actually their choose of 29 title to take home at launch. What was missing, though, era anything that can even remotely be called naquela system-seller. Here are a few of a biggest falls short in ns PS2’s initial lineup.

One of a biggest components in a success that the originais PlayStation ser estar Squaresoft defecting em ~ Nintendo and bringing Sony último Fantasy VII. That jogos ushered in the modern ser estar of JRPGs e wowed players com its epic storyline and lush CGI cutscenes. But square was i do not have anything to be discovered at a PS2’s launch, and role-playing fans instead had to settle porque o From Software’s pair of offerings: aer first-person dungeon crawler Eternal Ring and insanely dull action-RPG Evergrace. This era before são de found its sea legs in ns Dark Souls series, so putting it lado de fora front to us audiences foi ~ a… curious choice.


The strength of naquela puzzle game to offer a painel was proven as soon as Tetris made the jogos Boy a most difundido handheld in the world, however Sony’s first-party Fantavision couldn’t a partir de the same. The shallow fireworks-chaining principle left little room ao advanced strategy, e the whole thing played more like naquela tech demo porque o the PS2’s particle sistema than an yes, really game.

Many of a games just had durante appeal to western audiences at all, choose Koei’s molasses-slow strategy location Kessen, set during ns Sengoku duration of Japan’s feudatory collapse, e also-ran mech combat title Gungriffon Blaze. E then there were a handful of sports ports that could be played on various other systems already.

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There were absolutely fun games in ns PS2 lineup, most notably EA’s arcadey snowboarding title SSX, but not naquela single one had the “wow” fator you’d desire to concertos off your novo console.