On Monday, footballer Lionel Messi foi ~ awarded his seventh Ballon d’Or in Paris.

The paris Saint-Germain estrela was given a prestigious French futebol americano award at ns 65th yearly ceremony, but his rival Ronaldo watch thinks that he deserved the more.

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When der fan account ranted about how Ronaldo was robbed of ns Ballon d’Or this week, the footballer himself showed his commitment in the comments.


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Fan claims Ronaldo deserved Ballon d’Or

A difundido Instagram Ronaldo fan account called
cr7.o_lendario, quem has 325,000 followers, required to Instagram to article their reaction come Messi winning the Ballon d’Or.

First, they detailed Ronaldo’s many achievements this year prior to saying: “Regardless of his age, is naquela guy quem continues to execute miracles and impresses the world most often.”

He then ir on come say that Ronaldo era robbed e deserved a Ballon D’Or end Messi, writing:

“Cristiano era way better, e the prize goes to who? porque o Messi, who only won xícara do Ei porque o Barcelona, hasn’t scored der goal against habilidade Madrid due to the fact that Cristiano left e missed in ns big games of a season.”

The Instagram user ongoing to list Messi’s absence of achievements before saying:

“For Ronaldo to victory this compensation he has to be 300% unquestionable. The not usar scoring a most beautiful goal of a the year, gift champion of every little thing for a club, principal scorer the everything and scoring der hat-trick in the world cup.”

“With Messi, it’s the opposite. He deserve to have naquela low season, caminho down, they’ll always find a way to favour him e give him ns award. Steal. Dirt. Shame. It’s just unfortunate,” he concluded prior to adding:

“Those who ser estar intelligent sufficient know who deserves ns truth. Receiving prêmios without deserving it, is false happiness, there is no pride. Nevertheless of those awards, C27 will always be ns best in history.”

Ronaldo comment ‘Factos’

Ronaldo himself read a fan’s Instagram post e decided to show his support in the comments.

He commented the word “Factos” alongside naquela thumbs up and eyes emoji, which method “facts” in Spanish and Portuguese.

The Manchester united footballer era seemingly saying that he agrees that he deserved the Ballon d’Or, and the comment was a sly destruction at his rival Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo comments on Instagram write-up by

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Ronaldo says winning Ballon d’Or prêmio isn’t his ambition

Despite commenting “Factos” and claiming that deserved the Ballon d’Or awards, Ronaldo newly revealed that ganhando more Ballon d’Ors no his só ambition.

On Friday, mim before a Ballon d’Or ceremony, French editora Pascal Ferre said the new York Times: “Ronaldo has only 1 ambition, and that is come retire with more Ballons d’Or 보다 Messi – e I understand that since he has actually told me.”

Ronaldo then slammed his cases on Instagram, writing: “Pascal Ferre lied, he offered my surname to promote himself e to promote the publication he functions for.”

“It is i can not accept that ns person responsible para awarding such der prestigious prize could lie in this way, in pure disrespect para someone who has always respected frança Football and the Ballon d’Or,” he continued.

“The biggest ambition the my job is to victory national e international titles ao the clubs i represent e for the nacional team in mine country. A biggest ambition of my career is to leaving my name written in gold letters in ns history of mundo football.”

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