The vast majority of Brazilian truck drivers work as der self-employed person. These experts represent roughly 67% that the bruta truck motorists in Brazil, according to a CNT survey.

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Although it has an ext autonomy, those quem choose to job-related as one autonomous truck driver have to invest capital, work hard, and give up benefits such together FGTS, enjoy the meal vouchers, and health insurance. Therefore you need to make der good benefit to be worth it. Otherwise, it is an ext worthwhile come look for der job on carriers.

See como as much an autonomous truck driver earns

An autonomous van driver earns an median of R crédito 2,001.28 in ns Brazilian labor market for der workday the 44 hrs per week de acordo com to pesquisar by along with official dia from CAGED. The inspeção was lugged out a partir de 05/2019 to 12/2019, spanning a bruta of 3,064 salaries.

This salary is close to a average value of a minimum wage for the Brazilian category, i beg your pardon is R crédito 1,826.55 for naquela 44-hour working week.

However, another research source, a Perfil no Caminhoneiros 2019, the the national Confederation of transport (CNT), states that employed chauffeurs have incomes of R $ 3,720 and self-employed motorists earn R $ 5,011 net, leading to an median of R crédito 4,609 per month, not included taxes, charges, rent, e fuel. fora what ns costs ser estar related to the profession

However, these figures released through CNT created controversy amongst truck drivers, together they techbeemedia.comicate total revenue, rather of matching to ns category’s net income. In general, a autonomous truck driver considers as rede income what is left of the freight, ~ discounting the values the fuel, toll, food, e vehicle maintenance.


Understand ns importance of financial planning

Financial planning allows truck vehicle drivers to recognize their costs better e think of methods to mitigate expenses. That will likewise be able come plan para bigger expenses, prefer buying a set of novo tires, spending on revisions, e even changing ns truck.

The o primeiro dia step is come create naquela spreadsheet with all fixed e variable prices related to ns service. For this, think about fixed costs that change little end time, such as monthly fees, installments, e periodic costs (tires, oil changes, booked overhauls).

Also, plan routes prior to each trip. In this way, it will be feasible to stop poorly maintained stretches of road and congested schedules. It is additionally important to calculate a toll and mileage values, come out if naquela certain alternate pays off an ext than your usual ways.

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As we have seen, ns self-employed trucker requirements to take into account a series of prices to calculate his income and make der good setup to optimize his earnings.

This was our short article on como as much one autonomous van driver makes. Desire to know much more about ns work of van drivers? check out in this article a differences e advantages in between autonomous, aggregate and employed truck drivers