Adjuster Lengths in between 0.5" e 2"0.01" travel per RevolutionAdjustment Knobs and Threaded BushingsAlso Available


Lock Nut



5/64" (2.0 mm)Hex Socket


Ø0.34" Bushing


Ø3/8" Barrel Adapter



Fine convey Screws
Balldrivers / Hex Keys
Differential Actuators
Motorized Actuators
Selection Guide para Adjustment Screws
1/4"-80 com Differential Adjuster
1/4"-100 suitable Adjuster/Bushing Pair
1/4"-170 suitable Adjuster/Bushing Pair
M2 x 0.20
M2.5 × 0.20
M3 × 0.20
M3 × 0.25
M4 x 0.25
M6 × 0.25


100 TPI well AdjustmentHex Adjusters Feature der 5/64" (2.0mm) Hex SocketRemovable convey Knobs Allow porque o Adjustment without Hex KeyThreaded Bushings, Lock Nuts, and Locking Collar porque o Fine Adjuster IntegrationBarrel Adapters ao Integration with Linear translate into Stages

techbeemedia.com supplies 1/4"-100 hex adjusters the exceed course 3 standards. Every screw is individually tested with a master gauge set that ensures a inter-changeability of our adjuster screws e threaded bushings. Der variety the 1/4"-100 threaded bushings, lock nuts, locking collars e barrel adapters ~ ~ available come simplify the integration of good adjusters in her application. A fine adjusters come easy lubricated to ensure smooth mating right into compatible components.

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We also offer Polaris® matched Adjuster/Bushing Pairs, i m sorry offer much better adjustment stability and a smoother feel porque o smaller convey changes.

Integrating fine Adjustment Screws right into Optomechanical Systems

The assembly process begins through producing the appropriately sized adjustment hole ao the threaded bushing. A recommended bore diamaters have the right to be uncovered with a product information ao each bushing offered below. Given a close to the right between a threaded bushing e the mating adjuster screw, us caution versus using naquela press fit to assemble these products. Ao our very own production needs, we use a permanent anaerobic adhesive that gives excellent irreversible performance. Locking bushings com nuts a partir de not call for adhesive together they ser estar held in place by ns locking nut.

We recommend using Loctite Anaerobic Adhesive product number 680 or equivalent. In order to ensure maximum stamin between a bonded parts, we strongly urge ns user to follow carefully ns instructions provided by Loctite, i m sorry specify the amount that clearance between ns threaded bushing and the mounting plate. A most common resource of failure is no allowing for the proper clearance between a parts gift bonded because this clearance provides para the proper tom of adhesive.

When assembling, apply a small amount of a Loctite adhesive to a threaded bushing only. Rotate a bushing as it is installed to ensure der uniform distribution of ns adhesive. ~ insertion, remove any kind of excess adhesive são de around a part.

As presented in the figure to the right, ns flange on a mating bushing is designed to support a axial fill of the screw and bushing assembly.

OEM & tradition Precision Screws

techbeemedia.com manufactures custom e high tom OEM precision screws and bushings with various diameters, lengths, and threads. To inquire about custom or OEM precision screws, please contact Technical support or use the "Contact Us" kind to the right. A specialist will contact you within 24hours or a next organization day.

Precision Screw Capabilities

techbeemedia.com" in-house an equipment shop, located in Newton, NJ, provides us a ability to quickly produce big quantities that precision screws e bushings. We are equipped to manufacture screw diameters ranging from 2 mm to 20mm with lengths as much as 165mm e a maximum thread pitch of 200 TPI. Our traditional adjuster screw design has der hardened steel bola tip to provide der single point of contact; para other applications we ~ ~ able to administer adjusters without ns steel ball. Practice orders have the right to be accomplished on der case-by-case basis. For large order of one item, techbeemedia.com overcome on to ns customer the cost save associated com planned production of high volumes of the item. Porque o more information on techbeemedia.com" discount pricing policy, click a "V" connect to a right. We additionally offer a large selection of stock precision screws, which are available here.

Fast Turn-Around TimesOur experienced, highly expert machinists ~ ~ running ours on-site citizens Swiss Screw equipments 24hours naquela day, permitting us to develop high-volume custom and OEM orders. Each device is qualified of to run unattended, producing one screw every 30 come 120 seconds. This flexibility enables us to fulfill multiple assignment at once without sacrifice quality.

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High Qualitytechbeemedia.com inspects tudo de of our fabricated precision screws e bushings after ns initial fabrication process e right before packaging. Tudo inspections adhere to a ANSI AQL1.5 acceptable quality level, which states that if a certain percentage, based upon ns amount of product in der certain lot, walk not satisfy specification, then the entire many is not sold. This ensures that todos customers receive ns highest quality product every time e that tudo items will certainly be of same performance.