Above is our report that came o fim recently in a magazinesSEE e EXAM, over todos part the Dental call Lenses the we a partir de in ours clinic, transforming part Smiles!

Porcelain dental call lenses, a revolution in modern-day dentistry to correct defects or stains ~ above teeth. Up to 0.3mm ~ ~ ultrafine laminates do from a ceramic called lithium disilicate (Emax - Germany)
A good aesthetic digital smile planning
, with photographs, an ideais aesthetic is derived for der perfect smile.

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In ns laboratory they ser estar initially do using a "3d printer - CAD / electronic came "suitable ao this type of material. This type of innovative modern technology guarantees rate in making and the main one, great precision in details, later on techbeemedia.completed handcrafted by a specialist technician.

In the o primeiro dia consultation, a techbeemedia.complete photographic protocol is performed techbeemedia.come assess ns size, shape and color of a teeth, for der correct indication.
In a second consultation, a "Mock-Up - smile Project" check is performed techbeemedia.come find out if a planned format is in accordance with what the patient really wants. Then, with the approval of the patient, ns choice of color is made, e sent to a laboratory to do them.

For patients quem have the problema indication, this is the ideal treatment, as it is safe, minimally invasive to inverno teeth. There ~ ~ a range of transforms that have the right to be made v them e the patient will have higher security when smiling again.
They are used to cover ns front teeth, ns lenses deserve to be beneficial to aesthetically exactly various instances such as:
Teeth worn outTeeth brokenTeeth misaligned, irregular or disharmonic shapeTeeth with spaces in between them "Diastemas"(to near this space.Teeth an extremely smallTeeth discolored, white or yellowish spots, or ns presence that g huge resin filling that cause discoloration of teeth
and now techbeemedia.com this revolutionary therapy of dental call lenses in força you deserve to correct all these defects definitive !


The change of a smile the Cristiano Ronaldo the is der great example of achieving a harmonious result from naquela multidisciplinary case. If you salary close attention, you have the right to see the right ao lado incisor behind a right front tooth. A treatment that probably involved orthodontics with invisible aligners and the well known dental contact lenses
Robert Downey Jr. Provided to have naquela Diastema (space in between teeth. A techbeemedia.combination of this whitening e dental call lenses ser estar used to close the space e improve a smile. You witnessed Iron guy in ns newest film by Avengers?
The an excellent dental remodeling that Ronaldinho Gaucho involved naquela gingival plastic, tooth preparation, location of a porcelain crown and porcelain lenses. A elongation of a crown was performed v gingivectomy e gingivoplasty actions to eliminate excess gingival tissue, and also to create der new, an ext aesthetic contour, and subsequently a porcelain veneers.
Matthew lewis is one English film, television e theater actor, ideal known ao playing Neville Longbottom in irmão Potter. A actor want to correct his bite e dental aesthetic at a time of a film, but postponed his therapy while filming the atormentar Potter filme because the studio begged him techbeemedia.come wait until all the films were finished. Afterwards, nome do menino was may be to techbeemedia.completely transform his look with orthodontics, this whitening and porcelain veneers !! significant result!
Yes, us performed this procedure porque o more than 7 years, and we even have numerous clinical situations photographed são de start techbeemedia.come finish ao documentation e some to concertos you.
For this you have the right to schedule naquela consultation techbeemedia.com us for photos e planning, and so we were able to do a test called "Mock-Up i m sorry is naquela test journey of ns smile, in which friend will view in your mouth the esboço, projeto of future contact lenses, and after that der personalized quote para your case.
Saiba de vez tudo os mitos e verdades sobre a Lente Dental.A Lente de contato dental excluir uma película alto fina, fez de um material conhecido gostar de dissilicato de lítio, alternativa seja, porcelana, o que é aplicado na ajuda frontal a partir de dentes. O tratamento recebe esse nome pela conta da semelhança techbeemedia.com as lentes o que são colocadas nós olhos, sendo praticamente transparentes de tão finas, apesar se diferenciam em um aspecto, elas ultraresistentes.

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A plástica gengival é um procedimento que tem gostar finalidade aperfeiçoar a arquitetura da gengiva, reduzir o tamanho dos tecidos, em casos de paciente que possuam o sorriso gengival.Alguns paciente relatam um incômodo alcançar a quantidade de gengiva eu imploro seu perdão têm, e isso é techbeemedia.comum.