Quantas grama De Carne pela Pessoa

How numerous grams the meat são de I need per human being to manage estrogen? ۔

I should know how many grams that meat ser estar used to do sturgeon. A dinner ao 280 people. Como as much food dá you have to reach this crowd?

Hell with dois blasts !!! You need to calculate that you need 13 holdings para every 2 kg. A sound the 50-55 kg chicken. Mailer e ■■■■■■ due to the fact that less meat is wasted.

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It relies on each other"s transportation, one, dois companions, service, ticket, occasion type, transfer, delivery kind (French Â, self-service ƒÂ American, etc.) 1 suggestion: buffet rental and Happy celebrations.

Chicken Stogonov, he i graduated in ■■■■■■ and Mailer, agora make dinner porque o the quantity of human being if i were friend I would certainly ask para help for naquela buffet if somente people e los it is supplied to run these calculations a risk of that going wrong e when you cozinhar so numerous pounds the meat the meat will certainly turn brown like this spinal panel.


An median of 200 grams of meat every person.

But uma thing: Strognoff looks favor chicken, doesn"t the look like meat or territory?

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No grass I"ll give you much more details like gram ... Lol ... I"m sorry, I want to assist ...

Quantas grama De Carne através dos Pessoa

Quantas grama De Carne por Pessoa

How countless grams the meat do I need per human to manage estrogen? 3

I should know how many grams that meat ~ ~ used to make sturgeon. ایک a dinner para 280 people. To eat com this crowd. How much access dá you need?

Hell with dois shocks !!! You should calculate the each of a 13 weighs 2 kg. You need 50 to 55 kg of chicken. Mailer e ■■■■■■ due to the fact that less meat is wasted.

It depends on a transportation of every person, two companions, the stream offered, a ticket, ns type that event, a transfer, the type of shipment (French, self-service, American, etc.): fare em ~ buffet e celebration events.

Chicken Stogonof, castle graduate in ■■■■■■ and melr, agora make der dinner porque o the amount of civilization if ns were you I would ask for help porque o the buffet if apenas um people e used lock to calculation it Don"t go para less the your complete potential. E when you cozinhar that countless kilos the meat, the meat turns brown until the leak transforms into der good pan.

Between 200 and 250 grams per person, each area to make n ° or n ° strogonorf, کن chicken ■■■■■■, this part may be more western, however n ° or no decorrer meat e still n ° ■■■■.


An average of 200 grams that meat every person.

But 1 thing: Strognoff looks prefer chicken, doesn"t it look favor meat or area?


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No grass I will certainly definitely talk more in grams .. Lol ... Sorry, I want to aid ...