Microsoft has ultimately finally dropped naquela new build para Insiders in the Dev Channel, introducing some much-needed improvements e features. Ns Windows advancement team listed that starting com today’s build, a name of the branch these builds ~ ~ being released from will change to CO_RELEASE a partir de the RS_PRERELEASE. However, this doesn"t mean any type of changes para Insiders due to the fact that these builds will certainly be treated like the RS_PRERELEASE branch builds.

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"As our designers work in breakthrough cycles internally, we may prioritize work being excellent in der specific branch e may need to mover Insiders between branches," Brandon LeBlanc composed in today"s blogues post. "We are treating this builds the same as we would certainly treat builds from the RS_PRERELEASE branch."

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Attention #WindowsInsiders in a Dev Channel, you re welcome be certain your laptops ser estar open and in a locked position. We ~ ~ taking off with Build 21354! prior to taking off, be certain to review the blog post para important details. Https://

— home windows Insider (
windowsinsider) April 7, 2021

Some of ns highlighted features and changes coming with today"s windows 10 Insider Preview construct 21354 include updateable MSPaint and Snipping Tool, i beg your pardon will now be updated external of ns major OS updates and have your own place in the começar Menu.

Complete changelog of windows 10 Insider develop 21354

New personalization options for news e interests on ns taskbar

Thanks ao your ongoing feedback porque o news e interests on a Windows taskbar! We’re proceeding to develop a experience based upon your suggestions. Today, we’re pleased to announce der new set of functions rolling out porque o personalizing the batten to suit your interests.

Now, once you hover on ns weather on your taskbar, you will do it see naquela new “Manage interests” button appear at the top of ns window. This button ligações to a new full-page personalization experience, wherein you deserve to choose a topics that you’re interested in. Novo users may additionally see der personalization card in their feed to help them importar started.


Use ns search crate at a top of a “My interests” web page to search para the topics or publishers you desire to follow. Friend can also discover understand by searching over der dozen categories, including different varieties of news, entertainment, e sports topics. When you select der topic to follow, you will do it see more stories around it in your batten as stories come to be available. You can manage a topics you’re adhering to by picking “Followed interests” in ns left navigation.


We’re additionally excited to announce, “Tune your feed”, available a partir de the left navigating on the “My interests” page. This experience provides it simple to explore and follow publishers em ~ our partner ecosystem e select example write-ups that pique her interest. Select der couple the publishers and stories to importar started or scroll to view more. You have the right to see and manage ns publishers you’re adhering to by clicking “Followed Publishers” on the left navigation. Girlfriend can additionally tune your batten wherever you see a story. Click the “X” on a top appropriate of the card to remove a article and provide feedback: “Not interested in this story”, “Don’t like the source”, or “Report one issue”. We’ve polished this experience based upon user feedback, to give you another way to fine-tune your feed for your preferences.

These novo personalization experiences estão now obtainable in several markets, including a U.S., U.K., Canada, India, e Australia, with global rollout continuing. We look front to hear what friend think around these novo options for personalizing news and interests!

Reminder: We proceed to roll o fim news e interests to home windows Insiders, so it isn’t available to everyone in ns Dev channel just yet.

Improvements to screen Settings

Content adaptive brightness direção (CABC) disabling: CABC helps improve battery atuação on PCs, but with a trade-off of reduced image quality. It can an outcome in distracting brightness changes that interfere in experiences where photo quality is of high importance together as for creative experts looking for color accuracy. A ability to revolve CABC off has been a highly requested feature and Windows Insiders can agora disable CABC directly in a Display settings via Settings > sistema > Display.


This page enables you to control cameras through ns Settings app, even if it is they’re linked directly to ns device (like der webcam) or are ONVIF IP cameras ~ above your local network (for much more info on ONVIF support in Windows, see this blogs post). This new Settings page can be discovered at Settings > Devices > Camera. Every camera has naquela “Configure” switch that allows you make transforms to the default brightness and contrast – letting you vai rid of the pesky backlight that always shadows your enfrentar in your video calls. Depending on what features are supported by her camera, you have the right to configure brightness and contrast, enable video clip HDR or Eye Contact, or correct for camera rotation.


We look forward to hearing your feedback around this novo feature. Please try out the Configure default photo settings para your camera Quest on Feedback Hub and then send us your feedback at the fim – we’d love to hear what other features you’d prefer to see, and if you operation into any kind of issues with your particular PC, camera and/or video clip app.

Inbox app updates

MSPaint is now updated via the Microsoft Store:


MSPaint is agora updateable via the Microsoft keep outside major OS updates. It additionally has naquela new icon e has to be promoted fora of a Windows equipment folder come its own lugar, colocar in the começo menu.

Snipping tool is agora updated via a Microsoft Store:


Snipping tool is agora updateable via the Microsoft store outside significant OS updates. It has been packaged together with Snip & sketch so us can supply updates porque o both at a same time. It has also been promoted o fim of the Windows equipment folder to its own localização in the começar menu.

NOTE: due to the fact that we’re combining both Snip & Sketch e Snipping Tool, Insiders who previously go not have actually Snip & Sketch set up will see trimming Tool gotten rid of after updating come this build and will have to go and install Snip & Sketch são de the Store to compreendo it back.

Organizing tudo the admin e system tools under windows Tools:


In Build 21343, us announced us changed a name of a Windows bureaucratic Tools folder in start to Windows tools as part of an effort to much better organize tudo the admin and system devices in home windows 10. In build 21354, we ser estar continuing that effort. A Windows Accessories, Windows governmental Tools, windows PowerShell, and Windows system folders have agora been removed são de Start and the apps within this folders can agora be accessed via the Windows devices entry suggest that directs to the full apps perform in document Explorer. Todos these apps will still show up in acima de search, launch acima de any method, have the right to be pinned to start or taskbar, and any customized shortcuts in ns folder paths will continue to be intact. Also, File explorer has to be moved into its own localização in a Start cardápio as part of this work.

Changes and Improvements

The default course to accessibility Linux files em ~ Windows using a Windows Subsystem ao Linux has been changed são de `\wsl\` come `\wsl.localhost\` to improve performance and reliability. You will certainly still be able to accessibility Linux papers using `\wsl$\`.Under settings > update & security > mudança active hours, you will certainly find ns toggle rotate on para “Automatically adjust active hours para this machine based top top activity”, if you have actually never readjusted this feature. We are starting der roll o fim a mudança for Insiders that renders this setup on by default. Com this setting turned on, Windows upgrade will have the ability to schedule automatic restarts once you ser estar typically not using your device more accurately.On ARM64 devices, girlfriend can agora toggle compatibility settings para x64 applications.Under settings > Personalization > machine usage, you deserve to select todos the methods you plan to usar your maker to get customized suggestions para tips, tools, and services.

Windows 10 Insider develop 21354: Fixes

We resolved an issue where specific games may crash, will not sync save dia when a game is play on naquela different device, or will certainly not conserve when naquela new game is installed. We addressed an concern resulting in todos folders pinned come Quick access in File explorer disappearing if you installed build 21343. Please note that this deal with prevents the issue são de occurring walking forward, it will not bring back the ones the were unpinned if you installed the impacted develop previously. We resolved an worry resulting in some Insiders suffering that ns entire folders section of rapid Access foi ~ missing after ~ installing the previous flight.We addressed an issue impacting Search reliability in a previous flight. resolved an concern where news e interests might occlude other content on ns taskbar particularly on smaller screens.We resolved an problem where a tooltip text for items in Start’s strength button cardápio wasn’t displaying correctly.We addressed an problem resulting in der crash if you gone into WinPE and tried to allow Narrator utilizing WIN + CTRL + Enter.We resolved an problem resulting in part Insiders enduring a inseto check with error SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED when rebooting or shutting down in the previous flight.We addressed an problem that could result in a bugcheck when starting WSL.We resolved an concern that could result in ns Windows Update settings page showing progress dots but never loading.We resolved an concern where navigating come Power and Sleep in setups would crash Settings.We fixed a issue where a random toggle that didn’t do anything era appearing under settings > Personalization > Lock screen.We fixed an error bring about some Insiders newly seeing an error as soon as trying come add naquela password to a local account that foi ~ created without naquela password.We resolved an worry where if you opened a Pinyin IME settings pela Search, ns Settings page would be suddenly blank.We addressed an concern that could an outcome in your desktop background going black color after snapping an app to the ao lado of your screen.We resolved an concern where some of a text in clipping Tool wasn’t displaying correctly.We fixed an issue causing the Handwriting Input panel to not work for pen entry on ARM64 PCs.We solved an issue impacting clipboard background reliability.We solved an problem resulting in characters being duplicated in details apps once typing with a Korean IME.We fixed an concern resulting in not being able to insert ingredient strings when typing com an IME ~ copying e pasting der text crate in PowerPoint.We addressed an problem resulting in an essential events being falecer when renaming files in File explorer while typing com an IME.We addressed an issue where once typing with ns Japanese or Chinese IMEs in particular apps that have actually their very own UI for IME candidates, a IME candidates were not shown in the app’s UI.We resolved an concern causing an increase in inscrever-se time in a previous flight.We solved an concern resulting in part Insiders finding the boot equipe was much longer in the previous flighting.We fixed an concern resulting in the rede button on the inscrever-se screen no working and potentially crashing.We solved an worry causing part logins to hang on a black screen. If you continue to see naquela similar problem, you re welcome file a new feedback in Feedback Hub.We resolved an concern that could an outcome in freezes when watching videos in Chromium-based browsers in current Dev channel builds.

Windows 10 Insider construct 21354: well-known issues

We’re looking right into reports of ns update procedure hanging porque o extended periods of time when attempting to install der new build. pushing ESC an essential to dismiss an opened context menu in a flyout dismisses a whole flyout instead. Sometimes a news and interests flyout can not be dismissed with pen.We’re investigate an problem where facets of search (including the search box in paper Explorer) are no longer displaying appropriately in dark theme.We’re working on der fix for an concern introduced in a previous flight impacting WSUS users where ns “Check online para updates from Microsoft Update” option is greyed out. If you ser estar impacted, you can run the following command from an elevated Command Prompt to set the reg vital so the scan will check Microsoft servers:reg add “HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsUpdateUXSettings” /f /v ScanMicrosoftOnly /t REG_DWORD /d 0x01

Then click the regular “Check para updates” switch in Windows upgrade Settings. Please note, if the scan needs to be done repeatedly a reg an essential will should be re-added every time, together scanning reads and erases ns key.

Due to an issue com migrating ns shortcuts into the new Windows devices location, This PC mostra up with a display surname “computer.” We already have a erro fix on ns way to attend to this issue.Some non-administrative apps, such as 3D Viewer and Print 3D, the were previously in ns Windows accessories folder estão now in home windows Tools. These app shortcuts will certainly be moved back into start with one upcoming erro fix. They are still searchable e accessible através da Windows tools in the meantime.The windows Camera app currently does no respect ns default brightness setup set via the new Camera setups page.Some cameras currently may not assistance adjustment in the Camera Settings app when ns camera is also in usar by another app.Accessing the praticamente GPU is broken para Windows e Linux guests, adding der vGPU to naquela VM will have enquanto effect e the VM will continue running with software rendering.

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For more details, head over to a official blog post.