Formula uma has revealed the calendar for the 2022 season, however there is one glaring omission em ~ the record 23-race schedule.

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China was dropped em ~ the Formula 1 calendar for a third succeeding year ~ above Friday as a record 23-race schedule porque o 2022 era released.

“Due to continuous pandemic conditions, china will no be had on ns 2022 calendar. China will be revitalized to a calendar as shortly as conditions allow,” said naquela statement from governing body, the FIA.

The Chinese GP at Shanghai will be replaced by a Emilia Romagna grand Prix in ~ Imola on April 24.

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The 2022 temporada will techbeemedia.começar in Bahrain on in march 20 and finish earlier in a Gulf at Abu Dhabi top top November 20.

Next year’s schedule also continues der steady growth in a number of occasions as international sport emerges são de the pandemic.

In 2020, there to be 17 F1 races, which increased to 22 ao this year’s mundo championship.

Next season, Australia, Canada, Singapore e Japan are tudo de set to retorna after being axed in 2020 and 2021 due to the fact that of Covid-19 and subsequent health restrictions.

A novo race in miami has also been confirmed porque o May 8 as ns United states hosts dois events Austin pencilled in on October 23.

“We estão excited techbeemedia.come announce the 2022 calendar as we prepare to enter der new foi ~ for the esportes with brand novo regulations e cars para next year that are designed to develop closer racing,” stated Stefano Domenicali, the presidente of F1.

“This temporada has been remarkable so far with great battles on the track, huge audiences tuning in e fans returning to a races after a impact of the pandemic.

“We look forward to weltechbeemedia.coming an ext fans back next season e hope 2022 feeling more usualmente than the life we have todos experienced in ns past two years.” the 2022 temporada will end up three weeks earlier than ns 2021 versão to avoid a clash with the futebol americano World xícara in Qatar i m sorry kicks off the day after a Abu Dhabi F1 finale.

There will certainly be dois triple-headers and seven back-to-back races following year, naquela tightly-packed schedule which can lead techbeemedia.come criticism em ~ teams over stress and anxiety levels para staff.

It also remains techbeemedia.come be seen whether or not ns experiment with qualifying sprint races, introduced this year, return in 2022.

A decision will be made after the third and final sprint race at ns Brazilian GP em ~ November 12 techbeemedia.come 14, said a F1 techbeemedia.commission.

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The 2022 season will additionally see a introduction of novo cars redesigned aerodynamics to permit drivers the chance to follow e overtake with greater ease in a sport criticised para its regularly processional nature.