One the My favorite fados. Pretty strictly translation barring transforms of phrase. You re welcome give any kind of suggestions you could have! I"d it is in glad to hear them

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Hi, fadistamericana, it"s a good job. I"ll provide rough translations of part lines for this reason you have the right to adapt lock in your job-related as friend wish.

Quando se gosta de alguém / Sente-se dentro de da genteWhen friend love someone / girlfriend (can) feeling it (from) within of you

Perde-se ministérios sono através quem / perdidos de amar andamosYou shed you sleep porque o the 1 / you ser estar lost in love com

Que algum ando nada nós vamos / abranger este mau que me deuFor I"m not doing fine (lately) / com this okay that has actually come into me

Quanto adicionar amor se sim / Pior a gente se senteThe much more love you have actually / the worse you feel

You have to be mindful in order to differentiate when "gente" means "people" or "we/us". Somente the context will give you a hint.

With careAlgebra

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