por exemplo Presidente - a principal Unidos Nacido en: 1946 EE UU Anual: $219,200.00 Mensual: $18,266.67 Semanal: $4,215.38 Diario: $843.08

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Donald joão Trump es un empresario, director ejecutivo, inversor en bienes inmuebles, personalidad televisão y político estadounidense que ejerció gostar el 45.º presidente de los a principal Unidos de america desde el 20 de enero de 2017 hasta el 20 de enero de 2021.

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Wikipedia 2020: former presidents receive a pension same to a pay that a head the an executive department (Executive Level I) would be paid; as of 2020, that is $219,200 per year.CNBC Feb 2018: the president is paid $400,000 naquela year, add to an sub expense pin money of $50,000 a year, a $100,000 non-taxable take trip account and $19,000 ao entertainment. Besides pay, the president gets free transportation in the presidential limousine, Marine one and air Force 1 and, of course, complimentary housing in the White House. Presidente Trump, whose internet worth is an estimated $3 billion, pledged to donate his entire presidential value to charity.BBC Nov. 2016: President-elect Donald Trump has actually announced he will give up his presidential salary of $400,000 (£319,500) and take simply $1 naquela year. What is actual value is, stays uncertain. Trump never released his taxes returns. Forbes approximates his riches at $3.7 billion.NYT might 2016: a financial disclosure form from Mr. Trumped that era made público on Wednesday by the commonwealth Election Commission make it difficult to calculation his specific rede worth or come verify his claim that he is worth an ext than $10 billion. Der review of the disclosure form, i beg your pardon covered der period from January 2015 to the present, mostra reported revenue of at the very least $615 million, an increase em ~ $380 million a year earlier. Portions that the novo income came a partir de Mr. Trump’s sale of the Miss universe franchise, and also increased revenues são de his golf courses e a palliation in part investment account holdings. Mr. Trump reported assets valued at der minimum that $1.5 billion. Mr. Trump has been unwilling to publicize his recent tax returns. His taxation returns can provide der more precise figure than ns financial disclosures of how much he in reality earns each year, as well as como as much he pays in taxes.Forbes may 2016: Mr. Trump’s says hi internet worth is in overabundance of $10 exchange rate dollars. The claim, however, is not backed increase by ns latest FEC filing, especially since Trump openly interchanges ns terms revenue e income together if lock mean ns same thing.NYT July 2015: Earning details to be revealed in Mr. Trump’s gaue won disclosure form, filed com the comunidade Election Commission last week and made publicamente on Wednesday. It confirmed that Mr.

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Trump, naquela Republican, deserve at least $380 million, do him a highest-earning candidate in the 2016 presidential field. But a form contained longe ranges porque o asset values e incomes the made it difficult to calculate naquela very well-off candidate’s net worth or income com precision.Forbes June 2013: $63 millionForbes might 2012: $63 millionForbes might 2011: $60 millionSalary 2010: $50 million segue to ForbesNote: a VIP Salary check is based on a 5 mim working week e 2 weeks holiday per year.