Speculation is buzzing approximately the internet about der possible novo 3D voice assistant porque o Samsung named "Sam." one such rumor come from a tweet by a Twitter user with a handle Tech agent (

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techagent26) quem calls the novo assistant "beautiful." "Sam" foi ~ reportedly draft by der visual production firm called Lightfarm which has actually published number of renders and photos of a assistant.
Whether or not Samsung officially requested der replacement for the much maligned Bixby is not clear. Segue to Unbox, that is feasible that Lightfarm created "Sam" ~ above spec although 1 of a companies involved in creating "Sam" is an heralding firm under Samsung"s control.Samsung is going come launch naquela new quase assistant dubbed "Sam" e it looks beautiful #SamsungSam#Samsungpic.twitter.com/0sJidZf3gx

— Tech agent (
Lightfarm released a statement the says, "Throughout the process, ns team devoted itself to emerging realistic materials, mainly for the character’s hair e clothing, so the Sam showed up aesthetically pleasing. Sam foi ~ an incredible partnership between the Cheil Agency and Lightfarm, e we estão thrilled come be component of this project!"
Samsung released its primeiro smart an individual assistant, S Voice, on may 30th, 2012 e the primeiro phone to have this feature was a Samsung Galaxy S III. The final version that S Voice foi ~ released on august 18, 2017. Previously that exact same year, top top April 21st, Bixby do its debut.
If "Sam" is legit, it will be going increase against google Assistant i beg your pardon most take into consideration to be a best of the digitais helpers. Amazon"s Alexa would be next com Apple"s Siri in third.
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