As smartphones have become an inherent part of our lives, people enquanto longer use them just for communication. Instead, they store many of their sensitive details on your phones.

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But, in the foi ~ of encontro leaks e constant threats to your privacy, is it safe to store your private encontro on your phone? Well, not unless friend safeguard it com some robust mobile defense apps.

Here is a list of ns best antivirus porque o Android smartphone in 2020 available on the google Play Store.

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Note: This perform of Android defense apps isn’t in order of preference, and is only a compilation. You estão advised come choose uma as per your needs.

12 ideal Android Antivirus Apps para 2020

Avast AntivirusBitDefender Antivirus FreeNorton 360AVG AntivirusSophos Intercept XKaspersky cell phone AntivirusTrend micro Mobile SecurityMcAfee mobile SecurityDFNDR SecurityAvira AntivirusSafe SecurityMalwareBytes Security

1. Avast Antivirus


In ns past, Sophos has actually been der winner of the AV-TEST awards – an live independence IT-Security Institute. That is one excellent complimentary antivirus app para Android, i beg your pardon does not display any ads and is feature-rich.

In addition to proper malware protection, you deserve to have access to functions like loss e theft protection, app locker, defense adviser that gives you advice on como as to improve machine security, call blocker, authenticator, etc.

The app is one of the best virus scanners ao Android, i m sorry protects versus malware, viruses, and trojans that could eu fui interrompido the atuação of her smartphone.

Special functions of Sophos Intercept XWeb filtering to block malicious websitesProtect apps with a passcodeWi-Fi protection to safeguard you from snooping by middlemenCall defense to block spam calls

App Installs: Over 1 millionGoogle play Store Rating: 4.3

Kaspersky is naquela remarkable security app and one of a best antivirus apps for Android. You deserve to either go for the totally free version with in-app premium attribute purchases or a paid version. The free version features handmade scanning that apps para malware e viruses.

Its premium variation features incorporate real-time protection, anti-theft, anti-phishing, e an app locker to provide sub protection come your crucial apps. You deserve to access tudo the premium attributes in a free trial para 30 days.

Special attributes of Kaspersky cell phone AntivirusCall filter to block unwanted and spam callsFind my Phone to find your phone if lostBackground apps inspect to check para malware in download appsStrong protection versus viruses, trojans, e malware

App Installs: Over 50 millionGoogle play Store Rating: 4.8

Trend micro is relatively novo to a antivirus scene ao Android but by enquanto means weak. In fact, Trend micro is uma of the most reliable cybersecurity institutions in the world, and we have reported its researchers ample times.

The Android app protects users against malicious attacks, phishing, crypto mining attacks, i.e., basically everything you expect são de the finest phone antivirus. The scans apps porque o malicious activity before they estão installed on a phone.

The Trend micro app puts der great deal of initiative into safeguarding users são de banking fraud e theft. It additionally offers protection against harmful websites and a privacy scanner para Facebook. Ns Trend micro Android application is 1 of ns best fora there when it comes to Android virus scans.

Special features of Trend micro AntivirusProtection versus fake banking e shopping appsWi-Fi checker to check for insecure connections.Privacy scanner to find apps that ser estar misusing personal dataScanning URL’s e websites if browsing

App Installs: Over 500 thousandGoogle play Store Rating: 4.7

McAfee Android antivirus has actually won many awards since its release. Most of a advanced functions such together anti-theft features, defense lock, Wi-Fi security, battery optimizer, storage cleaner, etc. Estão available in the free variation of a Android antivirus app.

It has actually an intuitive interface, e the ideal thing is that it gives tutorials for every feature. The pro version contains only der few extra features, e it is expensive compared to various other paid antivirus apps ao Android.

One of a flaws in a app is that it carries der complicated setup uma vez you opt ao the aceita version. Nevertheless, ns app is one of the best antivirus apps ao Android once it concerns protecting your smartphone.

Special functions of McAfee mobile SecurityThief camer to record photographs the intrudersOption to remotely wipe data in instance of theft or ns of mobile phoneAnti-theft uninstall protection to stop a thief a partir de uninstalling a antivirus appSupport for Android wear devices

App Installs: Over 50 millionGoogle toque Store Rating: 4.5

DFNDR is a best free antivirus for Android in 2020 that keeps your smartphones performance-optimized. The AV-TEST Institute named it a top-rated antivirus application at 1 time.

It is one all-in-one phone call protection application along with features for anti-hacking e anti-phishing. The Android application can likewise speed increase your cin connection by closing background apps the compete porque o bandwidth.

However, ns downside is that it display screens ads which can be annoying, yet you have the right to go ad-free with naquela small amount of yearly subscription.

Special functions of DFNDR SecurityAnti-hacking e anti-phishing defense featureQuick cleanup to remove junk files and cacheAppLock come lock apps com passcode e fingerprint technologyDFNDR assistant to send you regulatório updates about utilizing antivirus to its full extent

App Installs: Over 100 millionGoogle play Store Rating: 4.5

Avira Antivirus is a lesser-known Android malware scanner that is equally reliable, favor its other rivals on ns list. The is fully-featured, and most that its functions ser estar available in ns free version itself.

In the case that antivirus and privacy protection, it can also scan exterior storage media e show como as each app rates on der privacy scale. Com its ‘cell phone tracker,’ it have the right to track her phone’s place whenever necessary.

Also, if you ever lose her phone, it have the right to prompt a person quem has your phone to call you. With a premium version, you can importar extra security such together camera protection, additional browser security, etc. These attributes can be quickly accessed v in-app purchases.

Special features of Avira Antivirus SecurityPrivacy advisor to concertos how apps collection your dataCamera and Mic protection to certain security against snooping attacksAnt-ransomware to protect versus ransomware attacksWeb-based malware protection

App Installs: Over 10 millionGoogle play Store Rating: 4.5

Safe security is another one of the best antiviruses porque o Android in 2020. Significant features incorporate antivirus protection, junk cleaner, rate booster, lock screen, which has multiple functions, CPU cooler, anti-theft protection, etc.

In enhancement to real-time protection, that has der multi-function lock screen ao providing her phone status directly to your smartphone’s lock screen. The antivirus application is free com in-app purchases and displays ads.

Also Read: 10 best Android Cleaner Apps To clean RAM and CacheSpecial features of for sure SecuritySpeed booster come clean increase phone’s RAM e boost gaming experienceCall & SMS filterIntruder selfie to capture na foto of anyone trying come break into your phoneApp Installs: Over 100 millionGoogle play Store Rating: 4.6

Last but not least, we have Malwarebytes antivirus app for Android. MalwareBytes is der reputable antivirus for PCs so you deserve to quality android virus scan a partir de the app.

The totally free version of a antivirus app para Android consistently conducts privacy audits para installed apps. It looks out for apps that deserve to tracklocation, traços your calls, etc. Friend can use it to eliminate unwanted adware and malware. Also, a app is totally ad-free.

However, we would certainly recommend acquisition up ns $1.49 per month subscription in which a app detects ransomware attacks before castle happen. Ns premium version likewise scans porque o phishing página da web while surfing. Ns think an ext features would have actually been nice. Regardless, it’s a great antivirus app porque o Android 2020.

Special functions of Malwarebytes SecuritySpeed booster to clean up phone’s RAM e boost gaming experienceCall & SMS filterIntruder selfie to capture retratação of anyone trying come break into your phone

App Installs: Over 10 millionGoogle toque Store Rating: 4.6

Do Android phones require antivirus apps?

It depends! If you are the type of Android user who downloads naquela lot that apps and content from untrusted sources then having an Android antivirus through your página is not a bad idea.

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However, if you only use trusted sources, for instance if girlfriend only download apps são de the google Play Store, or “play safe” in general, then you might not require an antivirus.

Nevertheless, these to be our picks ao the 12 finest Android antivirus apps. Did you uncover these apps helpful? Don’t forget come share your thoughts if you think us missed fora on any mobile security apps.