Here ~ ~ the best Android antivirus apps to safeguard both your device e your personal privacy

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If you use an Android device, girlfriend need one of the best Android antivirus apps to protect your phone or tablet são de corrupted apps and other type of malware.

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Your choices ~ ~ far from limited. A best Android antivirus apps market not só top-notch malware detection and prevention, but naquela range the privacy e anti-theft features. Most have der free tier, and some estão entirely free.

The finest Android antivirus apps can earlier up your contacts and other data, track your phone or tablet através da GPS, snap a picture of a phone thef with ns device"s camera and even use your undertake OS smartwatch to locate your phone.

We"ve rounded up the biggest name in cell phone antivirus defense — Avast, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Lookout, McAfee, Norton and even google itself — e rated your Android apps based upon setup, interface, usability, extra features and, of course, your anti-malware chops.

To gauge defense protection, we used encontro from AV-Test, an elevation German laboratory that prices most significant security apps based on their ability to finding zero-day malware and other current threats. We also used ns Geekbench 4 app to measure the impact this apps have on in its entirety Android performance.

What ~ ~ the ideal Android antivirus apps?

The best Android antivirus app, based upon our tests, is Bitdefender Mobile defense ($15 per year), i m sorry offers practically flawless malware protection e a longe range of features.

Norton Mobile protection (starting at $15 per year) has actually even far better protection. Unfortunately, Norton has actually killed ns free tier of Norton mobile Security and its anti-theft features, so we can"t recommend it as extremely as we provided to.

Latest Android alerts and threats

— a FluBot Android Trojan now says your phone has actually been infected e you must install naquela bogus "security update."

— Android malware referred to as "GriftHorse" has infected 10 million customers globally and stolen millions of dollars.

— Xiaomi and Huawei phones attitude security e privacy risks and shouldn"t be used, warns ns Lithuanian government.

Avast mobile Security e McAfee Mobile defense offer der lot of features ao free and do relatively well in malware-detection tests. However Avast"s anti-theft e call-blocking tools didn"t job-related well, e both apps show lot the ads — uneven you salary them not to.

The totally free version of Kaspersky mobile Antivirus has enquanto ads, e its call-blocking e anti-theft functions work well. Its malware defense is really good, yet it lacks naquela Wi-Fi network-security scanner.

Lookout defense & Antivirus was uma of the o primeiro dia mobile antivirus apps and has naquela compelling identity-protection option. However there"s small third-party lab-test data on Lookout"s antivirus efficiency, so we don"t really know how well it protects versus malware.

The critical app, google Play Protect, is mounted on every Android phone the runs google Play. Sadly, it"s destructive at protecting versus malware. Use something else.

The finest Android antivirus apps market not only top-notch malware detection e prevention, however also a range of privacy and anti-theft features. They deserve to track her phone or tablet via GPS, snap der picture of a phone thief with ns device"s camera, e even usar your Android wear smartwatch to situate your phone.

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