IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tricks [Easy Method]


IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tricks

Do you want to book IRCTC Tatkal ticket? As you all know that Irctc ticket booking is a one of the difficult task for every India passenger.Have you ever experienced this difficult? Don’t worry if you are looking for irctc ticket booking trick then you are at right place.Here I will share some working trick to book ticket quickly and easily.Here we go.

Once you booked irctc tatkal ticket you will get booking confirmation.Of course, you are luck, you have successfully proceeded.But this is a rare case, actually the reality is that more than 60% people fail to book ticket successfully.I’m also a railway passenger so I know how difficult it is.That’s why today I came up with this trick.

In every month more than 10 million users are visiting irctc website and this is the 5th most visited website in India.


Minimum Tatkal Booking Charges 2017

Second Class: RS.10

Sleeper Class: Rs.90

AC Chair Car Class: RS.100

AC 2 Tier: Rs.250

AC 3 Tier: Rs.300

Executive Class: Rs.300


Basic Requirements to Book Irctc Tatkal Ticket

  • Good Internet connection – You must have a good internet connection otherwise you will get 404 error or site can’t reachable message.Because, compared to the other website IRCTC is a little bit heavy load, at this moment you must have good internet connection to access the website.


  • Google Chrome or Mozilla web browser – I recommend you to use Chrome or Mozilla browser to book irctcYou will be comfortable to use Irctc website through these browsers.


  • NotePad – This is an important thing.You have to fill your all journey details like passenger name, train number, place, payment details etc in a notepad and keep it handy to enter the details quickly.


Trick to Book Tatkal Ticket Using Autofill Plugin

Autofill plugin is an extension for Chrom and Mozilla.The plugin will help to enter already saved data automatically, this will make faster while booking.



1.At first install Myrailinfo Chrome extension [Extension also available in Mozilla Firefox].


  1. Now Goto Chrome browser settings – Extension – Enable Myrailinfo


3.Now open Myrailinfo [Top right size of screen].


4.Now fill will your booking details.


5.Now click save.


Final step of Ticket Booking


  1. Now go to IRCTC website ->


7.Log into your account.


8.Now select your train and click on installed extension.

The extension will automatically fill your details


9.Now make payment (if you already added skip the step)

IRCTC Tatkal booking starts at 10 AM so login into the website and get ready 5 minutes before.The plugin will help you to book ticket quickly and successfully.

I hope my guide “Irctc Tatkal Booking Tricks” helped a lot.If you have any questions or doubt regarding with booking or Myrailinfo extension installation then just comment below.If you like this method please give your feedback in the comment.


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