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How to Export RoboForm to LastPass (Guide)

How to Export RoboForm to LastPass. Everybody knows everything connected to the internet is never safe. LastPass is a Freemium Password Management service that maintains encryption passwords in a personal account.

The content of a user in LastPass is protected with a master password, which including emails passwords, accounts like Amazon and all other confidential notes etc.

It is our responsibility to secure your data from hackers. The LastPass uses a strong algorithm for encryption, all of its information is encrypted using an algorithm called AES-256 algorithm.

RoboForm is another software for manage your password, logins pieces of information, auto filling, password generator, etc. For some reasons, LastPass is better than Roboform. The main reason is, It is limited to using a single device for free. If you have not purchased their premium version, it will not be synchronized across all your devices. That is why most users switch from  RoboForm to LastPass.


How to Export RoboForm to LastPass


1. Go to taskbar click on RoboForm icon.

2. Go to editor and select RoboForm option.

3. Click on Data and Sync Tab.

4. In the Import and Export section, select Export.

5. Now click on the Format drop-down menu and select the CSV file.

6. Save the Exported data from the RoboForm to a folder.


Next import data from RoboForm to LastPass


1. At first, click on LastPass extension icon on your browser.

2. Go to More options > Advanced.

3. Import > Other.

4. From the drop-down > choose CSV file, import the saved data.

This is what you need to do. You are fully imported from Roboform to LastPass.

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