Find IMEI Number Using SIM Number [Explained]


Find IMEI Number Using SIM Number

How to find IMEI number using SIM number is a question that many people have repeatedly asked, So this is what I’m going to discuss here today.

find IMEI number using SIM number

IMEI number is very important for a mobile when any mobile company launches a new device, it will have a unique IMEI number. An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number stands for the identification number of your mobile device. The benefit of an IMI number provided by Mobile is very useful. Unfortunately, if your phone is damaged, you can be blacklist the device using the IMEI number with the help of your network provider. So it will help to protect your mobile phone against misuse. Every device having 15 digits numeric number which contains different information such as country, model number, manufacturer details etc. Also, if you buy a secondhand phone the you can check the history of the phone before buying.

As I mentioned above the IMEI number is the permanent unique identification number assigned inside the device, whereas the SIM number can be changed according to your choice. So obviously say it here is no direct relationship between the IMEI & the SIM card. So it is not possible to find IMEI number using SIM number.

But there is a universal method to find IMEI number and which work on all device such as iPhone, Android etc. Before talking about the IMEI number let me say one thing that the IMEI number if a highly confidential number so you should never disclose the number with anyone.

To check your IMEI number just open your phone dial pad and dial the following code given below.


Now you can see your  15 digit IMEI number and you can save it.

How to Find IMEI Number on Android Phone

Settings > About phone > Status

How to Find IMEI Number on Android Phone

Settings > General > About

I hope you understand whether it’s possible or not. If you have any doubt or query about find IMEI number using SIM number just comment below. 


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