Cardi B'S Daughter Kulture, Three, Kisses Daddy Offset Goodbye

CARDI B hit back at Instagram users who criticized her & husband Offset for buying their two-year-old a Birkin bag.

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The rapper duo gifted their daughter Kulture the luxury Hermes purse for her second birthday.


Cardi claimed that she và her husband enjoy a rich lifestyle, therefore their child should too.

What did Offset buy Kulture?

Offset and Cardi B bought their daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus a pink Birkin bag for her birthday.

Cardi also posted a photo of her và Kulture dripping in thousands of dollars worth of diamonds và expensive clothes to lớn Instagram.

Cardi B and Kulture wore matching outfits on the tot's big dayCredit: Instagram

The tot turned two on July 10.

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The family celebrated with a lavish party at home with candy floss machines, a ball pit, bubble machines, slides, và plenty of gifts.

Kulture was adorned with giftsCredit: Instagram

Cardi và Kulture sported matching outfits for the occasion.

Page Six reported that Offset has gifted Cardi several of her own Birkin bags over the years, including for Valentine's Day, Christmas, & Mother's Day.

Why are they receiving backlash?

Critics slammed Cardi and Offset and said that Kulture would have preferred toys or candy over the $8,000 luxury bag.

Instagram users had plenty to lớn say in response khổng lồ the đoạn clip Offset posted khổng lồ his page where he gifts the Hermes purse khổng lồ his young daughter.

The bag is estimated at $8,000Credit: Instagram

"They cut the video before she started crying