Best private browser for Mac


Best private browser for mac.Nowadays there are many untrusted browsers are available and 90% of those websites are collecting users information like password, data, files, documents etc.So selecting secure browsers is the first thing we have to do before using the internet.
Here I’m sharing the list of some secure private browser for Mac.

1.Maxthon Cloud Browser

This is my first recommendation of private browser and this one is most used Mac private browsers.The browser has user-friendly customization and providing a best browsing experience.The browser won’t collect or share users information.

The browser is available on Mac store, you can directly download and use.

2.Brave Browser

Brave is another best private browser for Mac which is the best alternative for Google chrome and Safari web browsers.The browser providing a better privacy, advanced tools, and user-friendly customization.

Brave is also available windows and Linux.This is a new browser so we can expect new features in upcoming updations.

3.Tor Browser

Tor is another best secure and private browser.The browser focusing on high privacy so it will be slower than other browsers.

The main advantages are that the user will be high secure and private while suffering the internet.

4.Orweb Browser

Orweb another private browser in the list.The browser won’t collect any personal informations from users and prevent the cookies installation from websites.
The browser is completely integrated with javascript so it prevents malware and other malicious attacks.

These fours s are the Best Private Browser for Mac.You can select any of the given browsers to get private internet access


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