6 Best Auto Liker Apps for Android [ 100% Woking Apps ]

Best Auto Liker Apps: Do you want to use Facebook auto liker app? then have a look at the list of 6 best FB auto liker app. These are the current working besFBfb auto liker app. The apps have a lot of features such as fb page likes generator, auto comment generator, auto follow etc and you can even use fb autoliker without access token.

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There are a many auto liker apps and website are available but the majority of auto liker tools have been listed as spam and less trusted and users are not satisfied with these tools. All auto liker apps provided here is not available in play store. You can directly download the apk file to use the auto liker app. The Facebook auto like is the best ways to get unlimited likes on Facebook photos, status, videos, pages etc and usually, people are depending on auto liker website to get the fake likes. Unfortunately, many of auto like exchange sites have been marked as spam by Facebook and the chance of getting your account disabled is high. When comparing to auto liker website auto like app is safe. These are a genuine and user-friendly app where you can be made unlimited likes on facebook with the help the auto liker apps.

Here I’m sharing some best FB auto liker app for Android where you can generate fake likes on facebook photos without using any websites. If you are not an Android user I would recommend you to check the Facebook auto liker website

These are quite simple and best auto liker app, you will be able to use the apps without any complication. The thing you need to do is just enter your Facebook email and password. Once the auto liker dashboard opened generate an access token and paste the token in the box provided. Next, select the picture or status you wanted to get likes.

How Does Auto Liker Works

Facebook auto liker is an online tool where you can generate fake likes, comment, followers, also you can follow, unfriend, comment everything automatically. In another word which is like exchange system where you like photos each other automatically. The process is working with the help of javascript which embedded in the website or app. When you generate access token the auto liker will get all access to your profile and like exchange will be done each other with the help of the script. Once you generate access token you can see apps like Spotify, HTC, Apple etc on the app section of your profile. After using auto liker you can remove the apps by going to Settings > Apps and remove the auto liker app.

If you ask me about the risk of using the auto liker app, which is entirely depending on the auto liker app you are using and some apps are likely to be spam, this may cause your account to be terminated. So I would like to say that using FB auto liker app is your own risk and I’m not responsible for any account termination.

Definitely, the apps will help you to boost your Facebook like. Each app has its own features and advantages some app will let get likes without access token and some token can be valid for 90 days. Moreover, Facebook like increasing app helps to boost page like, followers, group members etc. Check out the below list and find out best auto liker app for Facebook.

6 Best Auto Liker Apps for Android

#1. 4 liker

4 liker is best facebook auto liker to get likes on photos, videos, status etc. You can directly download the app from 4 liker official website. This is the best app to increase facebook likes and grow your social media status. Just download 4 liker APK file and make an unlimited fake like on your photos.

1. At first open the app and click on Log in with Facebook

facebook like increasing app

2. Enter your user name and password and click on Log in

best auto liker for facebook

3. Click on AUTO LIKER

best fb liker app

4. Choose what you want Photos/ Videos/ Feed/ Custom ID , and select it

best auto liker for fb

5.  Now set the number of likes you want (Maximum 40 likes per submit) and click on Submit

best fb auto liker app

That is it. Wait a while it will process automatically, you see that your likes are coming up.


#2. Kingliker

Kingliker App is the anther best facebook post liker app alternative to Liker app. In every submit you will get 250+ likes on your photos. Apart from that, the app will help you to get auto comment on the post. This is a popular social liker app used by people access the world. If you are looking for auto facebook comment then it would be better to use King Liker App.

best auto liker app


#3. Social Liker

Social Liker is facebook pic liker app for Android which let you make auto like on your photos. This is a user-friendly app help you to grow free likes on your photos. Social Liker is best for those who want to make unlimited facebook like on photos.

#4. KP Liker

KP liker is one of best auto liker app which let you increase likes on facebook photos. This app is not available on Google Play Store you can download it from the link provided above. This is a quite simple app. Just enter your email and password to use the website and make sure your account is public. All the auto liker apps work only if your account is public. If you are looking for a simple auto liker app then I recommend you the app to increase facebook likes.

best auto liker app

#5. Liker App

This is another facebook liker app for android. This is a trusted auto liker app let you boost likes on photos, status, videos, page etc. This app got over 1 Million download, which is completely free and you can check all the likes you get. This is very less spam app, so the safety of the app is very high. If you want to make like on your facebook page then Liker App would be the best one for you.

facebook liker app for android

#6. DJ Liker

DJ liker is a popular and best auto liker app, the service available on the website as well as the app. This complete spam free auto liker tool to make u limited likes on your photos and post. Here you can set you like limit from 50 to 250 in each submit. You just need to do is enter your email and password to use the app.


These are the best auto liker app for Android where you can make unlimited Facebook like without using any website. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you know any best fb liker app for android please let me know through a comment.

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